Elexa facilitates workshops and circle times for educational and cultural conferences and events. Some examples of adaptable content include:

Seedsongs (10 minutes, All Ages)
Our seeds are our past, and our future. The Anishinabe people have had agreements with plants that have sustained us, even as we have cared for them. Participants will receive a seed and a vessel to plant it in, and a song to sing to their seeds as they grow. As we plant these seeds, we’ll learn about our responsibility to our foods to nurture them as they nourish us.

The Power of the Voice (10 minutes, All Ages)
Anishinabe cosmology teaches us that the world began with sound. Sensing sounds is an exercise in presence, reflection and relaxation. Participants practice using our ears and our voice to interact with the world.

Land-Based Songwriting (1-3 hours, All Ages)
Place is central to our understanding of ourselves as individuals and communities. Discover how the places that made us inform our creativity and worldview.

In the Circle, We Belong (20 minutes to 3 hours, All Ages)
Potawatomi musician and land-based community organizer Elexa Dawson will facilitate a mindful moment to be situated in a circle, where none are above or below. We’ll use our voices to speak our names into a circle of belonging, and practice rhythm making with our hands.

Songwriters – Open Forum (1 hour, High School and Adult)
Elexa Dawson facilitates an open forum between fellow songwriters and those interested in writing music. Encouraging and inspirational.