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Elexa Dawson gives audiences something to cry about. Her hopeful messages cut through the mundane without sidestepping pain. Deeply connected to land, her songs speak of the earth and community, and celebrate all relationships, from mother and child to friend and lover.

Music is Medicine introduced Elexa as a solo artist, having first been well-recognized as a founding member and lead songwriter of Weda Skirts, and founding member, co-producer, and publisher of Heyleon.

Now, Wanderlust has soared to #11 on the Folk Alliance International Chart for January, preceding the February 2, 2024 release.

Singles "Sweet Sisters" (11/10/2023) and "Answer" (1/5/2024) showcased the range of texture and mood promised by the groundbreaking project. It was released on Elexa's label, Turns Out Records, to early critical acclaim.


Deep in the red dirt country hills of Oklahoma, Elexa Dawson and Stanley Hotel built a spaceship. Wanderlust is described as “a soul-stirring journey through earth and sky.” Each song beckons the listener to sojourn through passages formerly unexplored. From the first song’s expedition to the outer limits of the human experience to the last guided meditation, delivering a message from the ancestors, this album is an epic quest worthy of your best traveling shoes. Each song is a stop on the tour, gathering sweet sentiments of loneliness, love, connection, and completion. Dance with the transient and get High on the Street, and the lovers with Rainbows in their eyes. There is such a Lot of Life to live. Sit out at night and gaze at the southwestern sky, listening to what the Lonely Coyote has to say. Go down where the honeysuckle grows with the Sweet Sisters. Mother Earth is always inviting us to stay a little while. The Will of the World will tug at your heartstrings, inspiring that irresistible Wanderlust that takes you on the adventure to find the Answer.


“Elexa Dawson’s vocal quality cuts right to the soul with a sound that is equal parts unique and nostalgic. This collaboration is magic, and every song has a beautiful and expansive feel. This record is truly refreshing and keeps you captivated from the first track to the last.”  Raye Zaragoza

“Dear Music Lovers, do yourself a favor and put this honey in your ears. Elexa Dawson delivers yet another stunning collection of heartfelt songs in her sophomore release. A collaboration with indie folk rockers Stanley Hotel, the chemistry is palpable and the production sparkles with Dawson’s clear and powerful voice sitting comfortably in the full-spectrum arrangements.

A soul-stirring journey through earth and sky, “Wanderlust” provides the perfect soundtrack to that road trip you’ve been dreaming about... and you don’t have to burn any gas to get there.” Mikal Shapiro