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Kansas-based Oklahoma Native Elexa Dawson (from the Potawatomi Nation) creates community focused Americana music where sultry soul meets rural roots. Her debut album “Music is Medicine” brings her storytelling to life through transcendent melodies connecting land-based musical programming to folk stages.

100 word bio:

Elexa Dawson creates community focused music where sultry soul meets rural roots. Born from Oklahoma Potawatomi and Cherokee country, Elexa now calls the Kansas Flint Hills her home.

Elexa's first solo album “Music is Medicine'' (Lost Cowgirl Records) brings her storytelling to life through loveable lamentations, and her stirring performances connect land-based programming to folk stages.

Two albums from Elexa’s primary ensemble, Weda Skirts, (“Many Moons”, “Mother”) offer immaculate harmonies, articulating themes of nature, kinship, passion, and place.

Elexa also co-fronts Heyleon, a 7-piece, bluegrass-adjacent joyride, and released Heyleon's “Friends & Family”, “Fiddle Road”, and "The Stranger" on her label, Turns Out Records.