Elexa Dawson

Sultry soul meets rural roots. Elexa Dawson (Potawatomi) invites you into the lodge to hear songs that your heart already knows how to sing. Accessible yet transcendent, Elexa's captivating red-dirt-honey vocals lay on the listener like a blanket of good feelings, giving the gift of healing through sound. 

Music is Medicine names Elexa's original debut album, and describes the motivation behind sharing story and song. At home in natural environments, and brilliant in theatres, attentive rooms, educational spaces, and cultural venues.

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Award-winning songwriter and skilled entertainer, Elexa Dawson leads with a red-dirt-honey voice and stay-with-you memorable melodies. “Music is Medicine” titles her 2019 studio album and names her life’s purpose. Founding member of Weda Skirts and Heyleon.

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“Join me on my creative exploration of what it means to be Neshnabe, the Potawatomi’s name for ourselves, meaning originally human. original, created, connected, elemental”