Early praise for Wanderlust:

“What I most appreciate about the record is the thoughtful and studied choices made for the instrumental accompaniment and the diversity of the songs' subject matter.  I definitely recommend listening to these songs with quality headphones whenever possible.  The sonic choices for support of the vocals are both subtle and in your face serving the songs as appropriate.  The songs are fully formed, relatable and touch multiple genres including folk, pop, Indie Rock and roots.  My personal favorite is Lot of Life with lessons learned and a forward looking path for whatever life you have left to experience on this side of the ether.  

Elexa.... you're a grown ass woman who writes songs adults can relate to and cherish.”

Diana Linn, Tasty Brew, KKFI


Dear Music Lovers, do yourself a favor and put this honey in your ears. Elexa Dawson delivers yet another stunning collection of heartfelt songs in her sophomore release. 

A collaboration with indie folk rockers Stanley Hotel, the chemistry is palpable and the production sparkles with Dawson’s clear and powerful voice sitting comfortably in the full-spectrum arrangements. 

A soul-stirring journey through earth and sky, “Wanderlust” provides the perfect soundtrack to that road-trip you’ve been dreaming about... and you don’t have to burn any gas to get there.”

Mikal Shapiro, Siren Song, KKFI


“Elexa Dawson brings a singular, authentic voice to American music. Songs that speak to joys of living and celebrate connection with others and the world at large. A refreshing voice and vision.”

Jedd Beaudoin, Strange Currency, KMUW


“Elexa Dawson’s vocal quality cuts right to the soul with a sound that is equal parts unique and nostalgic. This collaboration is magic, and every song has a beautiful and expansive feel. This record is truly refreshing and keeps you captivated from the first track to the last.” 

Raye Zaragoza 

Elexa Dawson

Elexa Dawson gives audiences something to cry about. Her hopeful messages cut through the mundane without sidestepping pain. Deeply connected to land, her songs speak of the earth and community, and celebrate all relationships, from mother and child to friend and lover.

Music is Medicine introduced Elexa as a solo artist, having first been well-recognized as a founding member and lead songwriter of Weda Skirts.

Now, Wanderlust approaches, a brilliant collaborative album with Oklahoma-based Stanley Hotel, to be released February 2, 2024. Singles "Sweet Sisters" (11/10/2023) and "Answer" (1/5/2024) showcase the range of texture and mood promised by the groundbreaking project.

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Award-winning songwriter and skilled entertainer, Elexa Dawson leads with a red-dirt-honey voice and stay-with-you memorable melodies. “Music is Medicine” titles her 2019 studio album and names her life’s purpose. Founding member of Weda Skirts and Heyleon.

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“Join me on my creative exploration of what it means to be Neshnabe, the Potawatomi’s name for ourselves, meaning originally human. original, created, connected, elemental”